Thursday, July 16, 2009

Baby Henry Anderson is here!!!

Born 7/15/09 at 5:30 pm cst 6lbs 2oz 19in long. More photos and such to come soon.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Shower and update

Hello all! I just wanted to put a quick update and give you a few fun things to look at.

Below you will see a few photos of the invite that my friends Chelsea and Erin put together for the baby shower they are throwing here in Lawrence, KS on Saturday. They decided instead of doing the standard flat invitation they would turn it into something delicious. They made these CUTE cupcakes with baby birds on them and passed them out at church. I put three different photos below so hopefully you can see how creative and well made they were.

Baby Update: We are just shy of our 37-week mark! Most Doctors belive 37 weeks to be full term and most of the time baby’s lungs are developed completely. Baby Anderson is doing great! He has a full head of hair and is gaining the appropriate amount of weight. However, since I have gestational diabetes (so they say…) the Doctor does not want him delivered past his due date and for hospital scheduling reasons we have officially scheduled the induction for July 26th! I will go in around 7pm that night and will have a baby (fingers crossed) on the 27th. That is just two weeks from this Sunday… eek As David likes to tell people the pregnancy has flow by but this last few weeks has slowed to a snails pace. The baby can still come any day before the 26th sooooo we will keep you all posted!

Below you will find his latest sono photo. You can see his facial profile and see that he is giving my belly a big kiss! I thought it was kind of cute :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Colorado, Baby and Heat

It has been awhile since I last posted, sorry life has been hectic. We have been trying to get ready for baby, David has been working a lot and I have 4 weddings over a 5-week period.

We just got back from Colorado. I had a wedding to photograph in Hays, KS so David and I stayed the night and since we were half way to Denver we drove in the next day. That Sunday I had the family Baby shower, which was WONDERFUL. It was great seeing everyone and fun to celebrate Baby Anderson. My sister in-laws threw the shower under the direction of Brandy, David’s brother Matt’s wife. Everything went super smoothly and was a lot of fun. We spent the next week seeing family, friends and booking another wedding in CO for October. At the end of our week in Colorado we got to photography another wedding in Manitou Springs, CO. We Returned to Lawrence, KS that Monday.

We were able to fit almost everything that we were blessed to receive at the family baby shower in the car and get it back to Lawrence. It has been my challenge to wash all of the clothing and give everything a home. I finally got it all done today. I even got to decorate our “nursery” a little bit. Since we are in a two bedroom town home and we need an office the baby is bunking in one half of our room. Below are a few photos of baby Anderson’s area. I think it is looking cute. I have to admit though that when I am lying in bed at night and I look over at his stuff it makes it all more real. There is a little boy on his way to become part of our eternal family. If my giant belly didn’t clue me in on that, all of his stuff does.

Baby update: Baby Anderson (unofficially Henry Wilson Anderson… for now) is almost 34 weeks along. Everything is measuring right on track and he is doing great. I have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I failed the glucose tests so now I check my blood sugar four times a day and watch my diet. The nice thing is that so far all of my tests are looking great. Hopefully it can be well controlled just with diet. Also in the last week we have started testing for Preeclampsia/ Toxemia because of the severe swelling that I have been having on my face, feet and hands. I had some blood work done and it did come back off so we have farther testes to do. I will keep you all posted. I shoot my last wedding before baby this weekend and then can kick my feet up and take it easy. When I saw my brother in CO he said that I had the pregnancy waddle. It is weird to think that the baby is 3-8 weeks away. My mother in-law made a deal with him and he is not to come before August 1st, but we will see. If he is anything like his daddy he will be on a time line all his own.

Now we are learning to deal with Kansas heat. It was 95 degrees today and the humidity was terrible. We have been running the AC but seem to only be able to do so much. After a week in CO I asked Dave why we Moved to KS again??? All I can say to that is “Rock Chalk Jayhawk” Hopefully I will keep you all more up to date with more posts in the next few weeks until then!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Late nights, Bridal show, Baby and Allergies

This last week was a crazy week. David has been working with a company called Mass Transit doing corporate videos. He worked full time at Best Buy and came home and worked on a big video project every night. He probably got a total of 20 hours of sleep the whole week. I tried to stay up however, when I found myself asleep sitting up David would make me go to bed. David got the project done and he is able to get back to a “normal” sleep schedule… until the next project.

In addition to the crazy week our company Solomon’s Porch Productions was displayed as a vendor at the Staley Farms Bridal Show in Kansas City, MO this last Sunday. We flew in from Colorado last year for the show and had some good success. They did not have quiet as many brides attend this year but we hope to still book a few weddings. Below you will find a photo of our booth.

One of the other vendors at the bridal show was Photo Booth. This company is cool because you rent one of the photo strip booths that you use to find in malls. When traffic was slow the owners made David and I come over and shoot some photos. Here is our photos strip. :)

Baby Update: I am officially 27 weeks along OR in months that means that I am 7 MONTHS today! This is going so fast! We go in for our next Dr. appt on the 14th and since I am still measuring big we will do both a Dr. appt and another Ultrasound. I also get to do the very exciting blood sugar test… We will let you know if our due date changes but as of now it is still August 3rd, 2009. Baby Boy Anderson is kicking up a storm and growing like crazy.

I don’t like putting ultrasound photos online but since I keep talking about him kicking so much I thought I would show you one of his big feet!

Belly at 26 weeks:
I don’t know if it was our VERY long week, the extra push with the bridal show or just plain allergies BUT David and I are both sick. I feel like I have been punched in both eyes and have a sink faucet for a nose. I guess it is the season… Hopefully the next post will be a little less germ infested.

Love to all our family and friends!!! Keep in touch!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Baby belly and more...

Updated photo of the David and I... David is so handsome.
Some of you have been asking about baby belly photos so here you go. This is baby at 24 weeks.
David getting ready to be a daddy...

Easter with friends

We had a great weekend. We could not be with family for Easter so we spent Easter with some of our friends in Lawrence. It was my first time making ham and I think that it turned out pretty good. I also got to finally use my china for the first time.

The Easter bunny brought David one if his favorite games... That we played A LOT...
Easter place setting (don't worry we fixed the silverware) The crew we had for Dinner. The boys were being silly sooooo this is the best photo that we could get.